Tablet PC applications for education: database design using Hand-drawn ERD

Document Type : Original Article


Abstract: In the study of Computer science as well as in many other disciplines,
Instructors often use hand-drawn diagrams during lectures to illustrate system
models, system charts, and database schemas. The use of the Tablet PC as a
lecture aid allows presenting lectures with hand-drawn graphics and to annotate
and develop a lecture in real time as would be done on a conventional blackboard.
Instructors are very interested in the use of the Tablet PC to enhance lecture
delivery and support active-learning class experiences.
We designed and developed a Tablet PC application that supports database design
courses, and assists in drawing entity relationships diagrams (ERD) and
generating associated relational database schema, SQL and XML code and data
This paper presents and discusses our experience in the design and implementation
of such tablet PC based tools.