Aims and Scope

According to its aim, Advances in Computer Science, ACS, is a peer reviewed journal, blindly judged, regularly issued in yearly bases, which publishes original research in all the disciplines of computer science including various inter-disciplinary aspects. It is a referred journal published by the Computer and Information Technology Institute, El-Shorouk Academy, providing a forum for the state of the art research and development in a lot of fields.

The editors will be pleased to consider new and significant papers from academic, research, and commercial sources in subjects covered by the journal.

According to its domain, the Journal of the ACS publishes researches in a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Computer Architecture
  • Operating Systems
  • Networking and Communications
  • Database Systems & Data Mining
  • Software Engineering
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Graphics and Visualization
  • Programming Languages
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Computing
  • Security and Cryptography
  • Computer Simulation and Modeling
  • Robotics
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Image & speech Processing
  • Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic
  • Biomedical Engineering & Bioinformatics
  • Real-Time Embedded Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

All submitted papers are evaluated on the basis of scientific content. Submissions are first screened for research and publication ethics prior to peer review. The journal reviews each submission from a sound science perspective.