Smart Ticketing System in Metro Rail Using RFID Tag

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Higher Institute of Computers and Information Technology, Computer Depart., El. Shorouk Academy, Cairo, Egypt


One of the most popular modes of transportation in Egypt is the metro, particularly in Cairo, where it carries up to 3.6 million people each day. Beginning here is the concept of our project, which attempts to give an intelligent solution to the issue of line-ups at the ticket counter.

This solution is constructing a mobile and web application that makes it simpler for users to purchase a metro ticket easing traffic at the ticket office to hasten citizen movement and save time, with an admin dashboard to monitor and manage this.

To make this work effective, it is suggested to use RFID Tag with an embedded system to enable smart ticketing in metro trains. This system outlines the placement of an RFID reader circuit in every metro train station to make it easier to calculate ticket prices. The corresponding cost is automatically taken from the user's account based on the distance (number of stations) travelled. An automated database system is used to carry out this activity, which makes the transactions quicker, simpler, and uncertainty-free.


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