Reification of furnishings for interior design using Augmented Reality

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Higher Institute of Computers and Information Technology, Computer Depart. , El. Shorouk Academy, Cairo, Egypt


Augmented reality (AR) technology and 3D interior modeling is crucial in designing. AR technology has been useful in numerous fields like architectural design and construction of buildings Augmented Reality furniture arrangement systems are useful for viewing room or building layouts without purchasing or moving actual furniture. Such systems, however, are typically constrained to 2D tablet or phone interfaces and frequently need users to physically and regularly alter their viewpoint of the real world, requiring human scene manipulation. This paper will present a system can add virtual object to the real environment (Augmented Reality) using camera and using real-time tracking marker less with Simultaneous 
Localization and Mapping (SLAM)algorithm for corner detection and then place objects. This paper assists in the improvement and evaluation of the design project; a complex decoration modeling structure is created to ensure that the user can connect with all points of the project design in order to achieve perfect coordination between structure and 


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