Review of IOT_Smart Irrigation System using WebSocket Wireless Connection


High Institute for Computers and Information Systems Al- Shorouk Academy Cairo – Egypt


This paper provides an overview of Smart Irrigation System with monitoring using internet of thing (IOT). This system is an automated system that uses sensors connected to a microcontroller to measure physical variables. The involved sensors in the system can be used to measure air temperature, water flow rate, soil moisture, humidity, control the water flow and detect the movement of any undesired object.  Also, camera can be used to follow up on daily events and actions in specified area for helping to manage proper procedures in agricultural operations. The measured data obtained from the sensors is processed by the microcontroller to be sent. The use of microcontroller is connected and controlled remotely through a smartphone or other mobile device. Communication can be achieved using WeBSocket protocol to facilitate real time transfer of sensed data between the microcontroller and the smart phone. All connected devices in the system can be programmed to display connected sensors measurement and to turn on and off at specific times or based on certain conditions, such as soil moisture levels or weather patterns. Using this system, good results are achieved, such as: improving crop productivity, reducing water waste, accelerating performance and organizing work by sending alerts or notifications to users in the event of any issues by making the appropriate decision.