Shielded Data Sneaking in Video (Steganography) using TEA

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Senior Member IEEE - Region 8, Higher Institute for Computers and Information Systems, AL-Shorouk Academy


Video steganography is becoming an important research area in various data hiding technologies, which has become a promising tool because not only the security requirement of secret message transmission is becoming stricter but also video is more favoured.  This paper presents a solution by using cryptography to protect sensitive information. The message is encrypted using custom algorithm and the TEA (Tiny Encryption Algorithm) to make it even more secure. Then, the encrypted message is hidden within a video using steganography.
Steganography is a method of hiding information in a way that it appears to be just a normal file or data. This makes the transfer of sensitive information secure, as only the sender and the recipient know about the hidden message.
Overall, this paper offers a promising solution for protecting sensitive information by using cryptography and steganography as two stratums.