ICONIX Approach to MVC: Applying Robustness Analysis on the Model View Controller Architecture

Document Type : Original Article


ICONIX is a smart lightweight software process that is successfully used in both the
academic and commercial software community. ICONIX is a use case driven software
development methodology that is well suited to agile development. Due to its success, many
adaptations have been proposed to fit with different contexts such as service oriented,
embedded software and mobile development.
This paper investigates the application of ICONIX to the development of MVC (Model View
Controller) applications. MVC is an emerging architectural pattern with objective to
promote development of software that is flexible and easy to change. This is a quality
requirement for most of software products and especially for web based applications.
The paper discusses and presents a proposed adaptation to ICONIX in order to help to fit
with the MVC design. The proposed adaptation is illustrated by using a suitable example.